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I found broom exhibits in the Neues Museum in Nuremberg. I did not recognize the author. I wondered what they could withstand. Well, although they touch the ground, they also stand for something they clean or against it.

Although I am very concerned about politics, instead of watching TV, I am visiting museums. Artists usually take up most of the political topics, and among artists there is no such thing as an agenda line. Perfect! ! Besides, more and more often I do not even have to go to the museum to see the other perspective, because luckily the museum comes to me. I have just come back from Nuremberg, where artists came to the streets to create a living sculpture.

The sculpture is made of people. Some of them have experienced homelessness. Now they have brought the problem of life on the street to the fore. It’s a project by the New Museum, which I visited because I was inspired by the Pure Pleasure exhibition there. I love beauty in art, so I thought it would be something for me.

But there’s another reason why I love art, and I realized it in Nuremberg. Art is connected to politics and philosophy — my two favorites — and that is also the reason why art has the power to change society. Well, to put it bluntly, thanks to such a performance, people do not need any intellectual background to understand the art — I mean, the message.

Living sculpture is also what can be called bringing contemporary art into society. It is not only a democratization of art, but also of art-making. From now on, art no longer means that it is made by the greatest, such as Picasso. You can also make art and exhibit it— – unless you have a mind…

But coming back to the museum’s traditional exhibitions, I also found two of the above-mentioned brooms in one of the museum’s displays. They were from the Joseph Beuys – revolutionist in thinking about society. Thanks to one of the brooms, he showed how we (society) can overcome dictatorships.

Some time ago, accompanied by two student helpers, he collected the garbage with the above-mentioned brooms after a political rally and packed it in large plastic bags bearing the title “This is how the party dictatorship can be overcome”. This action was a critical examination of Marxism, as Beuys himself explained: ‘I wanted to make it clear that the ideologically fixated orientation also has to be swept away.

Of course, all dictatorships and all nonsense can be cleaned up unless we have a society that can clean up or has a brain.

Img 0834 2
photo A. Krawiec, famous brooms by J. Beuys, New Museum, Nuremberg, Germany

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