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Nostalgic reflection


I met him again in Nuremberg. Slim, blond and beautiful complexion. I can remember his face whenever I am. The image of him is so pleasant for me.

I do not usually do this when it comes to other men I am interested in, but this time I did – I visited him at his house (in Nuremberg, of course). His house? Well, quite big and in the city center. The evening? Yes, it was in the evening and it was a really pleasant meeting for me. I did not even expect it to be such a romantic evening.

Actually, there’s something in his face that makes me so shy…. His face is a kind of sacrum… Even he himself saw it that way. A joke, you might think. Well, not at all. It’s true that he used to be very specific, neurotic or maybe even brave… when it cames to mixing sacrum with profanum. But he is no longer considered brave. What else about him? Well, he did a lot of portraits…, especially of naked bodies. His nude portraits were once an issue, but no longer are.

Dürer seems to have been forgotten.

Albrecht Dürer is dead! Take Picasso – everyone is still interested in how many women he had or whether he has a male gaze or not. Durer – he who had the courage to portray his face in comparison to a prophet. Now Dürer is dead, unlike a prophet, according to the Bible, of course. Dürer – a false prophet. He is so weak that he cannot oppose him. So he is dead, and only good people have let him save face.

Why is he so weak? You may think he is weak because of his depression. No, it was not depression. Just melancholy. In his paintings there are no Weeping women, no Screams… Just this melancholy, just this nostalgia. So he no longer has a place in LIFE. He no longer has a place, because LIFE is full of colorful clouds, sun rays and (pop) stars (that started when it collaborated with the pop artist Peter Marx). So Dürer is too serious for such a LIFE. And what about the other side? Well, he’s not that brave… Actually, he never was in that sense. He did not even cut off a single part of his body, like … van Gogh. So only his face is something that makes us remember him. So sad reflection.  

Well, in fact, even me, I am not even so interested in Durer, neither his face …. Actually, I study memory… and places of memory, and Nuremberg is full of them. That’s why I met Düerer in Nuremberg. It was a coincidence. Or not – I knew him before…, yes, of course I like art, but I did not expect Dürer to mean anything to me.  So, a visit to his house can be a very romantic experience, as I proved. Little wonder as nostalgia is linked to romantic feelings. And it can be for anyone. I mean the visit in his house. His works, which visitors can see in his house in Nuremberg, are full of nostalgia. There is so much beauty, and kind of romance in them.  So that’s why my visit to his house makes me feel so interested about Durer. But is it because of his autoportrait, his all painting or his story? Well, all of them. But if I have no choice but to choose one, I would choose history…. and a piece of paper… and a pen to tell you what I told you – how our culture is not fair to him. 

So Dürer is dead…

But maybe he should be grateful that he’s dead and not an issue, like da Vinci on social media. So Dürer is dead. But not for me.

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