Only Tate!

Tate is promising to make culture more widely accessible. Does that mean they are digitizing their exhibitions? I thought it was high time to find out more about this at Tate Liverpool. But that was not the only question I hoped to answer with my visit to the site. Another question was: Is the Tate Modern or the Tate Britain?

Perfect, I am in Liverpool, I thought after getting off the bus at the stop near the Royal Albert Dock. At least I will be able to answer the question: Is the Tate Modern or the Tate Britain?
And you know what? The Tate’s exhibition space was much smaller than a section in the local Tesco.
Hey Tate! That’s not fair!

Do you ever blow your top? I did at that moment. To make matters worse, the Tate gave away most of its exhibits! Oh, come on, Tate!
I was up in arms about Tate!

The first giveaway event took place in January at a local library in collaboration with the local arts and environmental organization Rule of Threes.
The location was not chosen at random, as the NGO invites local library visitors to cook together and exchange ideas at a shared table. This is how the recipes are published and displayed! And indeed, you can see them on the exhibition table in Tate. In this way, thanks to Tate, sharing has become a creative and collaborative practice, not only on the Internet, but also in real life, in your neighborhood. It is not the only amazing and collaborative event that participates in providing cultural programs in Liverpool neighborhoods. The museum is also committed to saving some buildings from demolition.

So, is the Tate Modern or the Tate Britain? Tate is unimaginable! What have they done? Well, they have opened up a world class collection and shared knowledge.

Their redesigned building will, as Tate promises, provide more opportunities for people to get creative. I can’t wait to see it in person! Of course, I am sure they will not disappoint.

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Tate Liverpool

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