Radość pisania.
Możność utrwalania.
Zemsta ręki śmiertelnej.

(W. Szymborska)

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Relacje z wydarzeń, recenzje, felietony i artykułty, które Cię zaskoczą, poruszą, a być może zainspirują.

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Only Tate!

Tate is promising to make culture more widely accessible. Does that mean they are digitizing their exhibitions? I thought it was high time to find ...
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We can all meditate

We all travel sometimes. Me too. Why actually? Well, maybe to get to know other cultures or maybe to transfer something from another culture to ...
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Year of the Fox

We live in the 21st century and are inundated with many stories – some good, some regrettable. This is my story about the year of… ...
Krótkie historie

A pity party

*** They do not have this problem The green spaces around Buckingham are a mixture of ghost gardens and muddy land, and even more depressing ...
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The yellow wallpaper

I sometimes wonder why some, even rich people, do not appreciate what they have. You may say that the problem is rather boring these days. ...
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I choose “Boa” for New Year’s Eve. And you?  My boa is actually just the title of a performance at the National Theatre in Krakow. ...

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