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I choose “Boa” for New Year’s Eve. And you? 

My boa is actually just the title of a performance at the National Theatre in Krakow. I was there because I wanted to see something new……. And maybe also because I am interested in other people’s performances. My role was that of a spectator, a performer and perhaps also a bit of a performance researcher.  The last one does not study culture, but the constant intersection of human activities, people and relationships. These do not concern just one category – gaze, reason, culture, although they are the sum of all these. He or she takes a fundamental distance from research and demands of himself a certain revision, a recognition that social conditions – which are linked to the designation – are not permanent, but are subject to the „process of testing”, trials and corrections. 

When I got home, I thought about my boa. The Boa symbolizes something that makes us all human – our instincts and our culture… that tries to influence them .After seeing the play, I had deja’vu, or it was not deja vu. Yes, I have seen this performance many times. I have seen these people before.  So should my opinion of Boa be a criticism of the actors, the script or me as a performer? But there is a script? How come?  So how does this performance begin? Well, which one? The Boa I saw on stage in Krakow, or the Boas I have seen in other places, including mediated places. Well, the first ones start with dance… while the others start with the poisoning of food… Who gives it to you? Just look at a Banksy painting and you will find the answer. And how does Boa end? Well, according to the script.   

And the message? Well, sometimes our boa is too long to focus on the deeper message…


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