Because love is magical!

Have you ever thought about love? The magical Christmas season is perfect for these kinds of thoughts! Because love is magical!

Take Santa and Rudolph, for example. They have been together for so many years! Isn’t that magical? But is this relationship really that perfect? Is it real love and friendship? We all know, even children, that Rudolph is Santa’s favourite reindeer. But wait a minute! And he makes him pull that heavy sleigh? Come on! Who forces his friend to pull the sleigh all the time? Even a child can tell you that’s not friendship!

On the other hand, you may think that Rudolf was naive to pull the heavy sleigh that fat Santa sits in. But do you think Santa has it easier in this respect? This old man has probably eaten most of the dirt in the world while constantly climbing up chimneys. What makes his situation even worse – he always has to land on hard flooring. When landing, the old man has to worry more about the toys than his butt. The little creatures waiting for them will never forgives Santa for spoiling their toys and Christmas.  Rudolph and Santa Claus must always be able to rely on each other. They have to be friends. They are even more than just friends. They are something like a marriage.Rudolph plays an important role in this institution- without him, the delivery of all the gadgets would take so long and could not be completed.

Yes. This institution functions like a marriage. There are even more similarities. . We are all on the lookout for Rudolphs when it comes to marriages. The problem is that no one wants to be a babe in woods. That’s why we have enchanted marriages!. We are connected, but on different levels. More practical than magical. We discuss, we negotiate, we make contracts. There is no magic in this institution. Isn’t that exactly what we wanted? We may feel safer thanks to contracts, but that’s an illusion. Come on! You had to sign a contract with someone you share a life with? Yes. Practically.

 Come on, wake up! Look at them! Rudolph and Santa Claus! They have been together without a contract, and no one has escaped for so many years, Santa’s never changed his mind about his favorite deer, and Rudolf has never opposed to pull the Santa’s sleigh. Can you do the same? Of course you can – as long as you believe in magic, because otherwise your relationship may be more practical, but it will be also an illusion!

 More magic at Christmas time!

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