Some people travel

This will not be a story about some of today’s travelers, but neither will it be a story about travel itself, nor about tourists.

Our heroes started their journey in Mamou in Guinea, then there were stopovers in Rabat and Algiers, and their destination is Carovingo. They travel light and avoid the beaten track. They cross unexplored areas and have to contend with adverse weather conditions. Yes, I know, you are fed up with the stories of all the heroic travellers. But our heroes are special, they are not just intrepid explorers. They are the heroes of our time.

The heroes tell their stories to the border guards. But who are the storytellers? Who are they? Immigrants. They, I mean our heroes, appreciate the values of the West. Little wonder, Westerners have antibiotics, shopping malls and travel agencies to travel comfortably…

But who first told them that the values of the West are better? Well, it was the Westerners, many years ago…

What to do with their incredible stories? Of course their stories are unbelievable. Actually, most of them are a pack of lies. And you? How many times have you lied this week?  So, what to do with economic migrants? Well, that depends on the Western world’s narrative. The Western world also has many narratives about them – for example, they are seen as a plague.

Over the centuries, there have been many narratives about humans – from Locke, Hobbes to Russeau. They differ. Right now it looks like Russeau is right in this case…. something that has begun will not end…


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