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Get our teeth into problem

Thoughts and then deeds come from personal experiences, traditions, and languages…

Regardless of the continent or country, our dictionaries are full of such expressions as: attack problem, get our teeth into problem, scream blue murder. In brief, our language is full of aggressive words, also in terms of intellectual effort. We struggle with things; we want to get through, and when it’s difficult, we get flustered and tend to be aggressive.

Aggression is found in almost all animals and serves a variety of adaptive roles. At the same time, aggression has the potential to cause harm, and in such a case, it requires an intervention. We know it because we are primates.

We all tend to be aggressive, but we are the only animals on the planet that can refrain from violent acts, including verbal assault. It is because, thanks to our minds, we are moral and intelligent creatures. We consider ourselves primates based on these characteristics. Nevertheless, we are the cruelest creatures on earth. No other species is capable of being cruel to its own. I’m not referring to an overwhelming fit of rage, but to the fact that we can derive satisfaction from being cruel to others.

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