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Our Christmas 

Yes, the tile may say something else… but this will be a  story about my travels. Quite short, indeed. At first, it may seem chaotic… but it is logical.

Traveling has changed a lot, because we no longer travel in such a linear way, but jump from one point to another and back again. In fact, some years ago, Tokarczuk published a book with that very title. So far, so good… But how many times our guy has gone native…

I do not travel much, because the costs of such travelling form from one story to another are sometimes too high. Yes, I am talking about relationships.

Tokarczuk says that during our non-linear travel we meet people who remain “connected” but “on different psychological, physical and [intellectual] levels.” My relationships fit Tokarczuk’s definition of traveling. The first: He was too high Church for his own good. The second – He had a problem. Well, the problem was “all my servants, cats and all”. Then I met someone else and hoped for a linear journey. „It was a pantomime all right, was our Christmas.”

So maybe writing is cheapest way of  of non-linear travel (from one  story to another)

as all you need is…



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