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We can all meditate

We all travel sometimes. Me too. Why actually? Well, maybe to get to know other cultures or maybe to transfer something from another culture to our hometowns…

This time I traveled to a place famous for a type of stew typically made from chunks of meat (usually beef or lamb) with potatoes, carrots and onions. Oh yes, a delicious dish. But only in this city does it have more than just flavor…, yes, I am in Liverpool.

And what about the smell of the city? We were just talking about the cuisine, so let’s take the smell of leather, which has come a long way for the Scousers. You can smell it here. The museum, which offers the smell of leather shipped to the city hundreds of years ago, is so postmodern. Yes, I am talking about the Museum of Liverpool, which tells a fascinating story about Liverpool. It tells the story through the prism of average citizens: dockyard workers, sailors, laborers, cleaners, war nurses, etc. For a long time Liverpool reeked more of a traditional manufacturing and shipping industry, bringing leather, coal and food to Liverpool, than a cultural capital.

How was it possible that in the second half of the twentieth century, three boys from this industrial town would revolutionize most aspects of our lives, from music and haircuts to the way we dress and to the fact that we do not have to wear blue collars to fill blue collar jobs. They were the ones who brought leather to England. They just transferred the rock climate from Berlin to Liverpool, and then all that was mentioned in other western cities and towns.
Beatles, yes, I am talking about the Beatles; it was progress: progressive music and boys!
Still, it was a man’s world.
The Beatles would not be the same without Yoko; she was like the cherry on the cake — from the point of view of the cultural revolution. She was a strong female voice in this male choir.
Even Lenon did not just treat Yoko as only a woman, she was more than that.

You can like Ono or not, but she was a very important part of Beatles history. Yes, it’s true that she was responsible for the closure of John’s house and many conflicts between members of the band. Rumor has it that she even vulgarly braided Lenon to give him a baby only if he agreed to raise the baby to school age…
No one is perfect. The Beatles are not only responsible for a more progressive society, but also for the appropriation of culture! Let’s take meditation. Well…, nowadays we can all meditate…

while eating chunks of meat…


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